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FAQ About The Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village

How do I contact The Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village staff?

100 Ginkgo Trail
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Tel: 919-904-4389
Fax: 919-929-2097
Emergency Maintenance: 919-904-4389

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How do I apply for an apartment?
You may apply for an apartment by completing an application available at our leasing office, or please fill out our online application. Please email or call us and we'll guide you through the process!

What are the leasing requirements?
Our leasing requirements include a completed and approved rental application, an application fee of $100 per lease holder ($100 per occupant over 18), a security deposit of $200, administration fee of $150 and proof of income or financial means. With a completed application and the appropriate fees and deposits, we are able to perform a background check and reserve your new home!

What are the age requirements?
All lease holders must be 21 years of age or older. Residents under the age of 21 may reside at our community with a parent or legal guardian.

Is there a waiting list I may join?
Yes. A waiting list is offered year round. The benefit of our waiting list is our leasing staff will monitor availability for your time frame and contact you once an address is available.

What utilities are the residents responsible for?
The residents of The Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village are responsible for power through Duke Energy, water (with sewer and storm water) through OWASA, cable or satellite television, telephone, and internet. All residents are also responsible for Valet Waste trash service which offers door side trash pick-up 5 nights a week.

What are the average costs of utilities?
The power utility bill can be as low as $50 per month and up to $200 per month depending on the size of the apartment and personal usage. The water utility bill averages $30 to $70 depending upon the number of individuals in the apartment home as well as the time of the year. For television, telephone, and internet rates, please refer to pricing offered by the various service providers and the various packages they have available.

Is Renter's Insurance required for all residents?
Yes, all residents at The Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village are required to have a Renter's Insurance policy. Our only requirement is $100,000 minimum of general liability coverage. Residents may choose the insurance company and policy limits that are most appropriate for each situation, providing the minimum limit is satisfied. Please inform the insurance provider to have The Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village listed on the policy as an "additional insured" or "interested party". For more information on renter's insurance, see our Helpful Information page.

Is my pet welcome in the apartment?
Yes, your pet cat and/or dog are welcome at The Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village. We have no weight limits, but we do restrict aggressive breeds (as well as mixed breeds that include any parts of a breed we deem aggressive). Please see our pet friendly page or call the leasing office for details.

The Townhomes at Chapel Watch Village

100 Ginkgo Trail Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Tel: 919-904-4389 Fax: 919-929-2097

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